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Laminating Paper Numbers



Materials List

 1. Event’s paper frame number

2. 10 mil laminating sheets (can be found at an office supply store)

3. Laminator (we used a Fellowes Lunar 95)

4. Leather hole punch (can be found at a home improvement store)

5. Scissors



Create a template for the leading edge of your number plate.

This is not a necessary step, but it looks pro.

Use the template to trace the leading edge onto the laminating sheet and paper number.

Trim the paper number to size.



Insert the trimmed paper number between a the laminate sheet.

Allow room for a 0.5 cm laminate edge around the paper number.

The laminate sheets need to adhere to each other.


Insert into laminator.

Re-insert if needed to ensure proper bonding.


Trim the excess, punch a hole and attach it to your number plate holder. Looking pro with paper numbers.

Race your bike.