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Geo 2 LT Pro Nitro Pro

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The A18NP Geo 2 LT is the choice of the Jelly Belly Team for 2017.

This holder is formed to fit on the seatpost of the 2017 Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro.

More pro teams are hanging their frame number from the seatpost. 

This holder gives you placement flexibility. Set it close to the top, at the center or towards the bottom. 

Friction tape, prevents the holder from slipping, sits between the holder and your seatpost. Tighten the two nylon ties and the A18NP Geo 2 LT is secured.

Made of 20 gauge corrosion resistant stainless steel. Made to endure many racing seasons.

8.1 grams

Finish: Brushed stainless steel

Kit includes:
One K3 A18NP Geo 2 LT frame number holder
One 4mm socket head bolt
One #8 nylon lock nut
Two 8” cable ties

Instructions for installing the Geo 2 LT Pro Series

For replacement nuts and bolts use the Next Gen Spare Nut Pack.

Tip: A word of caution when placing your bike on a roof rack with frame number attached.

Tip: Use flush cut pliers to prevent sharp edges when trimming your ties.