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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

Do you keep my credit card number?
No. We do not store nor can we see your credit card number. We use a secure credit card processng company (SecureNet) to accept and charge your card. The only numbers we see are the last four digits of your card which is used for order reference only. Your number is secure with us.

Did you know you can receive your order in a little as 2 days?
If you choose USPS Priority Mail, you will receive your order in as little as two days for about $6. And you get a tracking number. Actually, all shipping methods have a tracking number.

Why does the nut not screw all the way?
We use a nylon insert locknut, is a nut with a nylon ring on the inside of one end. The nylon ring is narrower than the diameter of the bolt, but can stretch around the bolt when torqued. The side without the nylon ring is threaded onto a bolt first. Once the nut is twisted onto the bolt to its desired tightness, the nylon works to keep the nut locked in two ways. First, it increases the friction between nut thread and bolt threads by causing the bottom faces of the bolt threads to press more tightly against the top faces of the nut threads. Second, the nylon itself is pressing on the bolt, creating more friction.

Since the nylon bounces back to its original form when removed from a bolt, it can be reused many times.

It may seem that the nut will not twist through but give it a bit more torque and tighten as desired.

Why do we not ship USPS First Class?
We removed this shipping option because there were many customers "claiming" not receiving their orders. We caught on and now all shipping options come with a tracking number. This will allow us to trace an order should one go missing.

What are the thicknesses of the stainless steel used?
It seems logical the higher the guage number the thicker the stainless steel used. But it is the opposite.

For example, 16ga is twice as thick as 22ga.

K3 Holder Guage Inch mm
La Cal, eLane 3 16 0.0625 1.59
eLane 16 0.0375 0.953
One Day 20 0.0375 0.953
AF, Geo 2, Geo 3 20 0.0375 0.953
Geo 22 0.0313 0.794


Should you have a question, please email it to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.