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About Us


K3 started as a hobby business. Our passion for the sport kept the momentum going. The K3 logo even has a cyclist incorporated within it. This enthusiasm is thrown into our hand formed frame number plate holders. 

We have held numbers from junior national races up through the World Tour. K3 has held numbers in many national and world championships and have been within Olympic and Paralympic pelotons. We are proud to state, "Holding numbers for pro teams in races around the world." 

K3 has manufactured frame number plate holders since 2011 and is recognized around the world. We see this by the number of sponsorship requests and sales received. More and more international pros have K3 hold their numbers. Check out our team page to see how far we have come.

We are a direct-to-customer business. We design, produce and fulfill orders from one location. If we receive an order before 2pm U.S. Pacific Standard Time, it will ship the same day. Orders leave our shop everyday to locations around the world. 

We will not stand still. We will continue to develop and refine frame number plate holders and will do so for years to come. 

Look pro, let K3 hold your number.

Our official name is K3. We are located in Portland, Oregon USA.

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